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At the New Crystal Hospital we strive to deliver the best care possible.

Laboratory Services

We offer state-of-the-art technology that will help lead you down the path to good health. With our Laboratory & Diagnostic Procedures we provide you with information every step of the way.


Our Pharmacies have close links with all clinical services, with dedicated clinical Pharmacists who work closely with each speciality. Pharmacy involvement at ward level is aimed at promoting safe, effective and economical use of drugs.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Our Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists provide quality care for women at every stage of womanhood, whether through supporting a healthy pregnancy, or diagnosing and treating complications associated with female sexuality. We provide a full range of gynaecological services, from routine medical screenings and treatments to gynaecological surgery.

Emergency Service

The Emergency Department provides care to all age groups, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are a professional, compassionate, highly skilled team that is continuously growing and adapting to meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

Prosthetic Services

Keeping up with the most advanced technology allows us to offer the latest benefits to our patients. The interface between the body and the prosthetic is crucial in leveraging the available technology, and maintaining oversight over the continuum of care enables us to help you integrate the right solutions into your life.

Maternity Service

At New Crystal Hospital, we offer complete pregnancy care, delivery, and postpartum care for expectant families. For generations, families have been delivering healthy babies at our hospitals, and we are proud of our tradition of providing excellent care at such an important time. Specialists at our hospitals treat and manage normal pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies, and a broad range of obstetrical conditions.

Offshore Medical Certification

New Crystal Hospital is a registered hospital offering OGUK medicals. This is an assessment of medical fitness to work off shore (in the Oil and Gas Industry or Wind Turbine Installations). It can only be carried out by an OGUK Approved doctor.

Orthotics & Bracing Service

Orthopedics specialists diagnose and treat, sometimes through surgery, medical problems related to the skeleton, joints, tendons and ligaments. You may need an orthopedics specialist if you have a genetic disorder of the spine or an injury or age-related condition that affects your bones, joints, tendons and/or ligaments. These specialists are also surgeons, although they are skilled in rehabilitation and other non-invasive forms of care.


Our ENT Centre provides specialized ENT care with comprehensive ENT therapy, complex ENT procedures and surgery under one roof.


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.  Here at New Crystal Health Services, we provide services base on each patient’s need, that’s why we believe and encourage the maintenance of good health for people of all ages and help patients to manage their pain and prevent disease through education, awareness, empowerment and active participation in their treatment.

Dietetic Services

Our dietitians offer a wide variety of counseling and practical nutrition advice for chronic conditions and health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Pediatric Services

Infancy, childhood and adolescence are exciting and sometimes challenging years for parents. At New Crystal Hospital , you’ll find pediatric care teams dedicated to helping you and your child stay healthy through every milestone.

Family Practice Health Centre

The Family Practice Health Centre at New Crystal Hospital provides comprehensive primary care for women and men of all age groups – from newborns to the elderly.

Dental Service

From routine check-ups to teeth whitening and dental implants, our dental centers provide a range of quality preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental services and treatments which can improve your confidence, remove pain and improve your smile.

Ambulance Service

Our 24-hour 7 day a week ambulance service team have been trained effectively to handle every emergency situation you may encounter. With our fully equipped vehicle you are assured of a swift delivery of exceptionally professional service no matter the distance.

Clinical Psychology Service

At New Crystal Hospital, our psychologists work within an evidence-based, client-centred framework to enhance the emotional, spiritual and psychological health outcomes of patients. We provide psychological information, assessment, formulation, treatment and prevention as individual practitioners as well as part of multidisciplinary teams.

How we do it?


What we do


New Crystal Hospital is committed to providing the safest possible care for you during your stay with us, your awareness and involvement in your own treatment can save and protect you from the ordeal that arises out of medical errors

We give you


At New Crystal Hospital, our focus isn’t just on maintaining the body, mind and spirit of each member of your family, it’s also on making your health care convenient with easy access to the largest physician network in both Accra and Tarkoradi. Our 30 primary care providers in neighborhood-based practices provide comprehensive care, individualized for your specific needs, with an online portal to book your appointments, review your medical records or talk to your doctor. Because everyone should have access to the very best health care.

We offer professional


We offer general care, surgical procedures, inpatient, and outpatient services.



Our goal is to deliver professional, ethical and quality care to all of our clients.



Our professionally trained and experienced doctors are always on their toes to consciously develop close, lasting relationships that positively impacts on the well-being and health of their clients.



We are excited at what we do, and being the crème de la crème is what we aim at.



Patients are at the heart of everything we do, so we’re delighted that the majority of our members (85%) rate the service as good or better (58% very good)!

Welcome to New Crystal Health Services, an indigenous Ghanaian health service provider. Our mission is to provide affordable and reliable health care services to the people who really need it and at a price they can afford.

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