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  • BIO-OIL Oil 25ml

    Bio-Oil is a specialist skin care product, formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also recommended for ageing and dehydrated skin.. Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product, formulated to help improve the appearance of Scars, Stretch Marks and Uneven skin tone. It is also recommended for […]

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    Gingko Biloba has a long history of being used in traditional medicine to improve memory and to treat blood disorders. It works by improving blood circulation. Giloba is a supplement of Ginko biloba extract enhanced with unique Phytosome technology to ensure better absorption and compliance.

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    Ginseng is a medicinal plant known for more than 4,000 years. Intensive research using modern sophisticated methods has been carried out during the last 30 years to study its components and actions. Ginseng in Ginsomin influences positively the immune system and increases the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue. A healthy and vital body needs […]

  • Menopace Original

    Nutritional balance during and after the menopause Optimal nutrition is important during and after the menopause. Menopace is an effective one-a-day supplement of 22 nutrients scientifically formulated for during and after this period of change. Hormone Regulation During the menopause, levels of specific hormones can change. Menopace contains vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation […]

  • Menopace Effective

    Women are increasingly looking to maintain health naturally during the menopause. Menopace® is an effective formulation of 21 nutrients, which can be taken alongside or independently of HRT. In independent consumer tests up to 85% of women found it helpful in maintaining all round good health. NATURAL BALANCE The secretion of ovarian hormones oestrogen and progesterone […]

  • Neurozan

    Neurozan provides a comprehensive formula to help safeguard your dietary intake Includes iron, zinc and iodine contribute to normal cognitive function plus pantothenic acid which contributes to normal mental performance The specialist formula provides B-complex vitamins; vitamin B6, niacin (vit. B3) Neurozan provides a complete range of vitamins, minerals and carotenoids, so an additional general […]

  • Nizoral Shampoo

    Nizoral Shampoo is an anti-fungal agent, prescribed for jock itch, athletes foot and other infections. Nizoral Shampoo interferes with the formation of the fungal cell membrane and kills fungi.

  • Oilatum Bath Formula 150ml

    Oilatum Bath Formula is a moisturising emollient that has been developed for dry skin. It contains mineral oil which when mixed with water transforms your bath milky white. Clinically proven to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier while it cleanses. It soothes and hydrates to provide relief from dryness and leaves skin soft. Oilatum Bath […]

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    Pregnacare Original Tablets

    Pregnacare prenatal supplement is the most popular and trusted by mums to safeguard the diet of those who are planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant. A scientifically developed formulation of 19 important vitamins and minerals, Pregnacare contains 400mcg folic acid and 10mcg vitamin D, as advised by the UK Department of Health during pregnancy […]

  • Proman

    Proman@ has been specially formulated with the needs of men in mind. It is ideal for sportsmen and for those that work and play hard. The levels of vitamins in proman are specially designed for men, with dosages that sometimes exceed the guide recommended daily allowances (RDA).

  • Prowoman

    Prowoman includes a range of vitamins and trace elements designed specifically with the needs of women in mind. The special Prowoman formula includes Evening Primrose and Starflower oils. Helps you maintain health and vitality Effective support for your nutritional needs Softgel capsules for easy swallowing Gentle on the stomach Contains no preservatives or artificial colours […]

  • Ultra Glucosamine

    Ultra Glucosamine provides an easily absorbed form of glucosamine at the daily level used in published nutritional research. The glucosamine in Ultra Glucosamine is present in the preferred potassium form for improved absorption and is sodium salt free. Ultra Glucosamine can be used in conjunction with any product in the Vitabiotics range, but would not […]