• Diabetone Sugar-Free Nutrients

    30 Capsules is a sugar free nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals formulated to be suitable for diabetic patient.

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    Garlicin Circulation

    Garlicin HC stars Smart Release Garlic with hawthorn berry extract, cayenne, vitamin E, and rutin. Smart Release Garlic uses a proprietary enteric coating that helps intestinal release of the supplement and prevents it from stomach acid— thus increasing the benefits. Garlicin Circulation supports circulation by helping maintain circulatory efficiency. Hawthorn improves blood and nutrient flow to the heart muscle.

  • Gyno-Daktarin Ovules

    Gyno-Daktarin vaginal capsule is for use in adults. Gyno-Daktarin vaginal capsule is a white to off white, egg-shaped pessary. When inserted into the vagina, it releases a medicine called miconazole nitrate. This belongs to a group of medicines called ‘antifungals’. Gyno-Daktarin vaginal capsule is used for infections of the vagina. Signs of these infections include […]

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    Omega-H3 is a unique bio-formula internationally renowned as one of the most comprehensive supplements available. It has been developed from extensive research by highly qualified biochemists and nutritionists, the advanced formula contains a comprehensive range of bio-elements including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, ginseng, cod liver oil and garlic.

  • Perfectil Original

    We all want to do the best that we can for our health and appearance. Vitabiotics knows only too well that what you put inside your body has an enormous impact on your internal health and your outer appearance. Therefore Perfectil has been formulated by an expert team to deliver “beauty from within” and is […]

  • Pregnacare Conception

    Pregnacare Conception nutritional tablets are specifically designed to support the nutritional requirements of women who are trying to conceive. Pregnacare Conception provides a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients. It is formulated for women who are trying to conceive, including vitamin B12, and 400mcg folic acid as recommended by the UK Department of Health from the start […]

  • Proman

    Proman@ has been specially formulated with the needs of men in mind. It is ideal for sportsmen and for those that work and play hard. The levels of vitamins in proman are specially designed for men, with dosages that sometimes exceed the guide recommended daily allowances (RDA).

  • Prowoman

    Prowoman includes a range of vitamins and trace elements designed specifically with the needs of women in mind. The special Prowoman formula includes Evening Primrose and Starflower oils. Helps you maintain health and vitality Effective support for your nutritional needs Softgel capsules for easy swallowing Gentle on the stomach Contains no preservatives or artificial colours […]

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